Exploring The Current Art Trends

The world of art is constantly evolving – and whether you’re an artist or you’re looking to invest in art, it’s important to understand the current art trends in both art and the art market.

That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog post. Continue reading to learn more about the current art trends, including in the world of art investment.


More Female Artists

More and more women are succeeding in all industries, and the art world is no exception. Back in 1857, the Society of Female Artists was founded in London, which was a pivotal event in the history of female artists. In 2008, the renowned painting ‘The Flowers’ by Natalia Gonchavora became the most expensive piece of art created by a female artist after it was sold at Christie’s for £6.6 million.

At Grove Gallery, we work with a range of talented female artists. We are currently exhibiting work by contemporary artist Lauren Baker. Lauren exhibits her work internationally and explores metaphysics along with human connection in her artwork.

As well as having more prominent female artists, there appears to be a rise in female art collectors. In 2023, more women are becoming top earners, and are seeing art investment as the great opportunity that it is.

At Grove Gallery, we understand that not everybody has the confidence or knowledge to invest in art – which is why we offer an expert art advisory service. We can share our wealth of knowledge and industry experience to guide you through the art investment process and source the best pieces for you to invest in at the right time.


Sustainable Artists

In recent years, there has been a huge focus on sustainability. This focus has become a part of our everyday lives, with both small businesses and large-scale corporations focusing on a better future.

With the threat to the environment becoming more prominent, there has been a surge in artists who focus on sustainability. As well as this, more artists are producing artwork that raises awareness of environmental issues such as climate change.

Banksy is a prominent artist that has addressed many social issues in his work, including environmentalism. In 2018, a street art mural appeared in Port Talbot, Wales, depicting a child playing in the snow. On the other side of the garage, it becomes apparent that the child is not playing in the snow, but ash from a bin fire.

It is thought that Banksy chose the location of Port Talbot following an apology from the WHO (The Word Health Organisation) for amending statistics that mistakenly concluded that it was the most polluted town in the UK.


The Rise Of Florals

Nature has been a consistent subject of art, and has been a very popular 2022 art trend – and is set to remain a prominent feature throughout 2023. Flowers are one of the most popular wall art trends this year – having floral prints on your wall can brighten up your living space or your office space and add a cheerful touch.

At Grove Gallery, we are currently exhibiting work by Rob Munday – check out his beautiful pieces of flowers, including Naturalium 5 – Purple and Gold Iris, as well as Naturalium 3 – Passion Flower.


Colourful Abstracts

Abstract art has been explored and revived by artists since the early 1910s. Bright pop art continues to influence the contemporary art scene this year – having bright and colourful abstract art can liven up any space.

You may be familiar with the work of Wassily Kandinsky – one of the most famous abstract artists of all time. His use of geometric shapes, vibrant colours and floating lines set the tone for artists of the time around the world.

Rad Husak is one of the most prominent printmakers in Britain today, with his work first debuted at Photo London in 2019. His art pieces draw on a range of references – particularly pop culture. His figurative works we have on display at Grove Gallery combine the aesthetics of Grecian sculptures with 20th-century pop culture.

You can see glitches, imperfections, and double exposure in the ‘Duality’ exhibition. Husak uses abstract art to capture the viewer’s imagination, opening the door to personal reflection. You can check out his ‘Duality’ collection here or visit our London Gallery.


The Importance of a Story

For many, simply owning a piece of art is not enough – it needs to have solid provenance. People are drawn to stories and appear to be drawn to artists with a history.

Likewise, people are more interested in pieces of art that have a history – for example, a piece of art that has been on display in a famous museum sat in the home of celebrities or prominent figures or has been the subject of controversy (e.g many pieces by Banksy).

The story of the artist is important – many people wish to connect with the artist on a personal level through their art. At Grove Gallery, many of the artists we work with have unique stories. For example, Stony.

Antonio Russo, known as ‘Stony’, was born in England in 1965, and began his art journey at a young age. He spent his early years in Ribera, Southern Sicily, building his artistic skills. Being dyslexic and autistic, he found it difficult to express himself – and used art to do so.

He signed with the UK publishing house, Demontfort Fine Art in 2016 – and his work can now be found in over 50 galleries in the UK. His artwork is exhibited in art galleries around the world – from Miami to Paris, Las Vegas to Dubai. His raw art is something that sets him apart from other artists.

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