b. 1988


Influenced by the mathematically inspired works of Escher and Uglow, Kieling explores the pure language of painting–form, colour, composition–through layered imagery. He begins by precisely sketching out his complex compositions and processing them digitally before starting to work on canvas. Using a mix of both acrylic and oil mediums he combines hard geometric patterns and fluid simple lines to create the illusion of depth, drawing the eye into and across the surface and into vistas and interior spaces.  

Kieling’s work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions including SotheBEEZ (Solo) Tribes Media, Berlin (2019); Baladi, K49 Galerie, Cologne (2019), Matter, Uli Fischer Galerie, Berlin (2018) and Contrast at The Book Club, London (2012). In 2010 Kieling was the recipient of BarTur photography award and the degree show CAN Audience Award.



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