b. 1984


Influenced by the distinct styles and techniques of Abstract Expressionism, Fischetti draws on her South American and Italian heritage to create visually striking paintings, murals, installations and works on paper. Using a soak-staining method to apply paint to unprimed canvas, paper or linen laid out upon the floor, the resulting works resonate with the movement, energy and spontaneity used to create them; becoming life affirming records of her gestures.

Alongside her spiritual influences, Fischetti draws on her Shamanic birthright to conduct her life and work in accordance to the principles expressed in the philosophy of Paolo Coehlo and the psychology of Carl Jung; striving for balance, and treading a path of both mindfulness and authenticity in the greater pursuit of happiness. Each of her pieces are therefore inextricably linked to the artist herself, encapsulating her energy and invoking a moment in time.

Fischetti’s artistic direction and choice of colour is additionally guided by her chromesthesia – or sound-to-colour synesthesia in which sound involuntarily evokes an experience of colour shape, and movement. 

After attaining her BA in Fine Art and Art History from Leeds University Fischetti completed an MA Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts, London. Her work can be found is in the collections of MONA, New York, the San Diego Institute, San Diego, and Yue Hu Museum, Shanghai. In recognition of her achievements, Fischetti has been awarded multiple grants, awards and commissions; these include a project for British Airways First Magazine and the coveted Visa for ‘Artist of Extraordinary Talent’ by the U.S. Government.



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