Ranking The Top Artists To Invest In

Are you considering investing in art, but aren’t sure which artists’ work is worth investing in? You’re not alone – it can be tough to determine the best artist to invest in.

Don’t worry – our team at Grove Gallery have you covered. As well as being home to an expert art advisory service, we have composed this blog to help you understand the best artists to invest in.

Read on to find out some of the best artists to invest in this year, from Bristolian local Banksy to Spanish artist Joan Miró.


1 – Banksy

One of the best contemporary artists you can invest in this year is street artist Banksy. Banksy’s work first appeared on the streets of Bristol and quickly spread to the rest of the world.  The real identity of Banksy is a mystery; despite there being many rumours regarding the name of the political street artist.

His work poses a great investment opportunity as he is a prominent blue-chip artist – he has a solid history of producing artwork that not only retains its value but increases in value over time. Some of Banksy’s most notable works include Love Is In The Air.

In 2013, a Love Is In The Air print sold for an impressive £209,104. Pulp Fiction prints are also a great investment opportunity – back in 2020, a Pulp Fiction print sold for just over £130,000 ($160,000) at an art auction.

Napalm is another famous Banksy piece – 500 unsigned prints and 150 signed prints were released in 2004, along with 27 orange signed proofs and 27 rainbow proofs.

Arguably, Banksy’s most famous artwork is Girl With Balloon/Love Is In The Bin. This print was sold at Sotheby’s in October 2021 for £16 million – £4 million more than predicted.


2 – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the world’s most recognised blue-chip artists. Warhol was a leading name in the 1960’s Pop Art movement, known for producing famous works such as ‘Shot Marilyns’ and ‘Campbell’s Soup’.  Warhol’s art is extremely collectable and valuable – and his work is among some of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

In fact, ‘Blue Marilyn’ was the most expensive 20th Century work sold at auction.  Warhol’s 1964 portrait of Marilyn Monroe surpassed Picasso’s 1995 Les Femmes d’Alger at auction – this piece sold for $179 million in 2015, whereas Blue Marilyn sold for $195 million at Christie’s New York auction.


You may also be familiar with Warhol’s ‘210 Coca-Cola Bottles’ from 1962. This piece is the most complex of his Coke bottle series and was the first Warhol piece to sell for over $1 million at Sotheby’s. Invest in Warhol’s work today with Grove Gallery – we can guide you through the process, from start to finish.


3 – Keith Haring

Keith Haring is one of the most notable modern artists, known for his chalk outlines in the subways of New York City. He quickly garnered public attention, and his work evolved to colourful, expansive murals.

Between the years 1982 and 1989, Haring produced over 50 public artworks – some of them featuring in schools, hospitals and daycare centres. In the later stages of his career, Haring’s work expressed societal themes; for example, safe sex, homosexuality, aids, anti-apartheid, and much more.

Haring’s piece ‘Untitled’, 1982, exceeded the $6 million estimate at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art auction in May, 2017. This set a new record for Haring’s work. This piece of artwork depicts a great combination of Haring’s famous motifs – cartoon figures, political overtones, and street art aesthetics.


4 – Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the top names in the world of art – from the Modern Art period, Picasso is widely known for cubism and surrealism. Born in 1881, Picasso’s career was so extensive that it can often be difficult to determine which stylistic period his pieces belong in.

Picasso had a monumental influence on the world of art – especially his spearheading of the Cubism movement. His paintings are known for becoming more and more valuable, making them a great choice to invest in.

At Sotheby’s, a Picasso piece sold for over $100 million – breaking a record. You can find Picasso’s works of art, including prints, sculptures and drawings at art auctions in 2023.


5 – Marc Chagall

Early modernist Marc Chagall was associated with a range of artistic styles, and produced artwork in a variety of formats – for example, drawings, illustrations, ceramics, fine art prints, and much more.  Chagall is a great artist to invest in this year – his work consistently sells for impressive prices.

Between 2003 and 2017, the average compound annual return for Chagall works resold at auction was 6.8%, according to Sotheby’s Mei Moses.  According to the Artprice Top List, Chagall consistently ranks in the top 40 artists in the world – back in 2021, Chagall obtained the 27th spot.


6 – Stik

Street artist Stik, known for his iconic stick figures, has an interesting backstory. Living on the streets of Hackney, Stik quickly became famous for his expressive stick characters – exploring themes such as loneliness and vulnerability.

Stik first rose to fame in 2013 after the BBC announced that Stik would be giving out 75,000 free prints to raise sympathy for the homeless. His sculptures and spray-paint art auction for over a quarter-million dollars.

He is certainly a rising star to watch out for in the world of art – with his art regularly selling for double the auction estimates, regardless of the medium.


7 – Joan Miró

Spanish painter, ceramicist and sculptor Joan Miró i Ferrà is one of the best artists to purchase work from. His Surrealist work has a personal style, venturing into both Expressionism and Fauvism. His work portrays his interest in the subconscious mind, touching on childlike themes.

His work notably manifests Catal pride. In multiple interviews, Miró communicated a strong dislike for conventional painting methods, describing this as an ‘assassination of painting’. Miró produced over 2,000 prints, displaying a firm commitment to this medium.

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